Flex 3 Datagrid display single row or remove header

You want add only one single row in datagrid or want to remove header then use rowCount=”1″ and showHeaders=”false”. Now you can see only one row in datagrid without header and one empty row. Dont forget to add headerHeight=”0″ to avoid empty row.

Degrafa – A powerful graphics framework for Flex 2 and Flex 3

Degrafa is an open source declarative graphics framework for Flex used by some of the industry’s top designers and developers. The framework can be used for a wide variety of purposes, ranging from rich user interfaces to intense graphics editing.

If you’re just getting started with Degrafa you may want to check out “An Introduction to Degrafa” on InsideRIA. You can also read the blog, refer to the documentation, look at some samples or join a discussion.

Now Avaiable Spring Actionscript

Spring ActionScript is an offshoot of the Java-based Spring Framework written in ActionScript 3. It is targeted for the Flash, Flex and AIR platforms. The framework contains an Inversion of Control Container, an Operation and Task API, an EventBus, a metadata handling system, extensions for the Cairngorm and PureMVC frameworks and several other utilities. More details visit http://www.springactionscript.org/

MS Dynamic CRM 4.0 – change display name of the application navigation pane

here we are going to change service into custom support.

1. goto settings > customization > click export customizations and select client extensions from view.
2. select sitemap and click Export Selected Customizations. now save XMl file on your disk.
3. Extract zip file and customizations.xml file.
4. Now find service area in that XML file.
5. Now add title within titles tag as for below.

MS Dynamic CRM 4.0 - change display name of the application navigation pane sitemap.xml code

6. Ok now code is ready to import.

7. Again go to settings > customization > click import customizations.
8. Browse XML file and upload, after upload is completing select sitemap and click Import Selected Customization.

Now refresh CRM windows. New changes should reflect.

MS Dynamic CRM 4.0 - change display name of the application navigation pane sitemap.xml code

New project with CVS 2.0 (Concurrent Versions System)

Create new project in CVS 2.0 (windows server & windows client)you can get CVS (Concurrent Versions System) installer/source from www.cvsnt.org.

here we take example project name is ‘cvstestnew’

Server side
1. create folder in the name of the project and give rights.
so, just create folder name called cvstestnew as usual and give all permissions whom going to work out with this project.
Here i created project with in g:cvs.

2. Next we need to initialize repository with in cvs.
cvs ‘init’ command use to initialize repository.

initialize repository with in cvs(Concurrent Versions System). using cvs 'init' command

3. Now need to configure our new repository with CVSNT server.
+ open CVSNT control panel.
+ open repository configuration tab and press Add.
+ Now you can see server settings window.
+ add the path location. name filled automatically and click ok.
+ Now server repository configured successfully now.

cvs(Concurrent Versions System) CVSNT Control Panel

cvs(Concurrent Versions System) CVSNT Control Panel

cvs(Concurrent Versions System) CVSNT Control Panel

4. Now come to command prompt and set CVSROOT to new repository and then log into that repository.
here CVSROOT is variable name.
vales are – :<<remote access method>>:<<username>>@<<server name>>:<<path>>

here i used remote access method pserver.

cvs(Concurrent Versions System) set CVSROOT path

5. go in to the folder you want to import.

6. import project use import command.
cvs import -m “now we importing new project called cvstestnew” cvstestnew yoyo start

here -m option specifies a description for the file.
“now we importing new project called cvstestnew” is simple description about project.
cvstestnew is name of the project.
yoyo is vendor tag.
starts is release tag.

cvs import project into server with yoyo start

7. now project repository created within CVSNT server. Now open cvstestnew project and within cvstestnew folder remove other two source directory.(called CVS and CVSROOT).

client side
1. in a client machine set the new CVSROOT.
right click My Computer->go to properties
goto Advanced tab and click environment variables button add new CVSROOT variable.

2. Checkout project.
cvs checkout -d <<new project name>> <<project repository>>