K Saravana Kumar

Sri S. Ramasamy Naidu Memorial College, Sattur - 626 203.


Hello! Welcome to saravanakumar.org website.

Hi! I am Dr K. Saravana Kumar and currently working as Assistant Professor at Sri S.R.N.M. College Sattur.

As a Materials Scientist, I am interested in Magnetic Materials, Multiferroic Materials, Magneto-dielectric Materials, Dielectric Materials, Perovskite and Double Perovskite Materials. I always feel delighted to be inspired from the Nature for technological developments, and convey the same to my students while I teach as well as when I consider my future research prospects.

Initially, I obtained my Ph.D. degree from Unversity of Madras under the guidance of Prof. C. Venkateswaran (Department of Nuclear Physics) in the field of BiFeO3 Multiferroic Materials. I have the experience of Teaching and Research at SRM Institute of Science and Technology, Ramapuram for about 5 years. Currently, I enjoy teaching Undergraduate Physics and helping them understand the way physics helps in their everday life at Sri S.R.N.M. College, Sattur.

I have been conducting an on-demand Online Hands-on Training Programme on Rietveld Analysis of Powder Diffraction Pattern for people from various walks of research (Postgraduate Students, Research Scholars, Assistant Professors). I am deeply of the opinion that understanding the basic properties of materials thoroughly only will lead to technological applications.

I always love to share information, both scientific and general, which I find interesting. This website is all about interesting information.

selected publications

  1. Appl. Phys. A
    A novel double perovskite oxide Sm2CoFeO6 phosphor for orange LEDs structural, magnetic and luminescence properties
    M. Dhilip, J. Stella Punitha, R. Rameshkumar, and 7 more authors
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    Synthesis and characterization of phase-stabilized Gd2FeMnO6 double-Perovskite compound
    J. Stella Punitha, A. Nataraj, V. Anbarasu, and 2 more authors
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  3. Dal. Trans.
    Role of oxygen vacancy and Fe-O-Fe bond angle in compositional, magnetic, and dielectric relaxation on Eu-substituted BiFeO3 nanoparticles
    A. Tamilselvan, S. Balakumar, M. Sakar, and 3 more authors
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  4. J. Phy. D Ap. Phy.
    Effect of Fe substitution on the magnetic properties of BiMn 2O5
    K. Saravana Kumar, and C. Venkateswaran
    Journal of Physics D Applied Physics Mar 2011
  5. J. Phy. D Ap. Phy.
    Mechanical milling assisted synthesis of Ba-Mn co-substituted BiFeO 3 ceramics and their properties
    K. Saravana Kumar, C. Venkateswaran, D. Kannan, and 2 more authors
    Journal of Physics D Applied Physics Mar 2012
  6. JMMM
    Effect of Tb-Mn substitution on the magnetic and electrical properties of BiFeO3 ceramics
    K. Saravana Kumar, P. Aswini, and C. Venkateswaran
    Journal of Magnetism and Magnetic Materials Mar 2014
  7. Vacuum
    Conventional synthesis and characterization of cubically ordered La2FeMnO6 double perovskite compound
    M. Dhilip, N. Aparna Devi, J. Stella Punitha, and 2 more authors
    Vacuum Mar 2019
  8. Mat. Chem. Phys.
    Synthesis and characterization of nanostructured La-doped BaSnO3 for dye-sensitized solar cell application
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    Materials Chemistry and Physics Mar 2020
  9. Phys. B Con. Mat.
    A simple experimental setup for magneto-dielectric measurements
    P. Manimuthu, N. Praveen Shanker, K. Saravana Kumar, and 1 more author
    Physica B Condensed Matter Mar 2014
  10. AIP Conf. Proc.
    Synthesis and study of Bi0.9Tb0.1Fe 0.9Mn0.1O3 ceramics
    K. Saravana Kumar, and C. Venkateswaran
    AIP Conference Proceedings Mar 2012
  11. IOP Conf. Ser.
    Study on the properties of Fe-substituted NdMn2O5
    K. Saravana Kumar, and C. Venkateswaran
    IOP Conference Series Materials Science and Engineering Mar 2015
  12. J. Appl. Phy.
    Mn doping instigated multiferroicity and magneto-dielectric coupling in KNbO3
    M. Manikandan, K. Saravana Kumar, and C. Venkateswaran
    Journal of Applied Physics Mar 2015